General questions and answers

Do you come out to the country and can you collect and deliver the stone?

Yes not a problem, I am set up with a tandem trailer with a crane and trolley and I am happy to go anywhere Australia wide.

Since you have installed over 1900 of these Auction kitchens for over 10 year now, do you recommend them?

Absolutely!  The 2 pack finish on the doors is beautiful, I like the ease of their installation and I like the overall completed look.  I am not alone, builders come back for more.

Some people think that because they are from the auctions they are second hand or inferoir quality.

They are brand new and are marketed through the auctions because of their high turnover.  And often half the price of other kitchen companies.

How do I get a quote?

Email or fax a quick sketch of your kitchen.                              Press - example​​​​​​​​​​

How much stone do I need to allow for when having waterfalls at the end of my benches?

Tthe benchtop will need to go past the cupboard carcas by approx 42 mm (the thickness of the waterfall)

                                                                       Press -  see picture 


​How thick is the stone?

In Australia most granite, marble and reconstituted stone used for kitchens and vanities come in 20 mm thickness and a built up edge thickens it to the desired size.  The most desired and cost effective is 40 mm.



Can you cut out an under-mounted sink on-site and does it cost any more?

No problem cutting on-site.  It can take a couple of hours and it does cost more than a normal drop-in sink.

I can price this as part of the overall job.














































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